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ipid.shat.net is back online for now

Posted December 16, 2017 by shaun

Back in 1999, when many of us still got a new IP address every time we dialed into the internet, I set up ipid as an easy way to figure out my public IP. It caught on, and was eventually added into several dynamic DNS clients and various other projects with a need to determine the user's IP. I took the service down in 2013, given the myriad other options available; you can just Google "IP address" to get it, now.

Recently I was debugging a DNS issue and was surprised to see how many queries were still coming in for the ipid name. I decided to spin the site back up on a spare VPS and see what sort of traffic it would get. I wasn't quite expecting this:

Server uptime: 14 hours 17 minutes 12 seconds
Server load: 0.01 0.02 0.00
Total accesses: 8149452 - Total Traffic: 101.4 MB
158 requests/sec - 2067 B/second - 13 B/request

~160 hits per second to a site that's been down (and NXDOMAIN) for 4 years! There's obviously still some demand, so I'm leaving it online for now, subject to occasional downtime.

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