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Compiling Doxygen on FreeBSD without LaTeX and Ghostscript

Posted August 21, 2019 by shaun

If you want to compile Doxygen (/usr/ports/devel/doxygen/) on FreeBSD without also building LaTeX and Ghostscript, disabling the "LaTeX support" option in the make config screen isn't sufficient.

You also need to disable the "Build and/or install documentation" option.

Turns out, Doxygen uses itself to build its own docs, and requires features from the LaTeX and Ghostscript support to do so. As such, if you disable LaTeX support but ask for the documentation to be built, LaTeX will be silently re-enabled! This isn't intuitive or apparent from the config interface; you have to look in the Makefile to figure it out. The DOCS_IMPLIES line forces LaTeX back on:

DOCS_USES=              ghostscript:build
DOCS_ALL_TARGET=        docs
DOCS_BUILD_DEPENDS=     dot:graphics/graphviz
DOCS_CMAKE_BOOL=        build_doc
DOCS_PLIST_FILES=       man/man1/doxygen.1.gz \
                        man/man1/doxyindexer.1.gz \
                        man/man1/doxysearch.1.gz \

This explains why a 1.8 GB TeXLive tarball started downloading every time I tried to compile Doxygen, even though I knew I'd turned LaTeX off. A little warning would be nice for something that big. Dogfooding is great, but this FreeBSD port is in the doghouse.

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