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A new DNS geolocation service from PowerDNS

Posted December 24, 2017 by shaun

Today Bert Huber from PowerDNS announced a new DNS-based geolocation service. Given an IP, it returns the corresponding latitude and longitude coordinates. Using it is simple; to look up the coordinates for IP address, just reverse the octets and query the TXT record for I don't see any official details from PowerDNS yet, just Bert's tweet, but based on the domain, the service appears to be using PowerDNS' Lua capabilities.

The usual caveats about geolocation apply:

$ dig +short TXT
"33.745800 -117.826202"

Despite that server living in Dallas, the coordinates that come back are for Tustin, CA. That's because the ARIN allocation for points to a corporate address in Tustin. Any geolocator operating from MaxMind's data will make the same "mistake," so this isn't a shortcoming of the PowerDNS service specifically.

If you currently use a web-based geolocation API, especially if your existing solution uses MaxMind geodata, the new PowerDNS service looks like a viable replacement. Queries over DNS will almost always be faster than a web API, because UDP doesn't have the handshake overhead that TCP does, and DNS provides the potential for caching.

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